A Letter To My Father Who Is Now In Heaven

March 27. Your birthday. Happy 1st birthday in heaven. Dear Pa, For some reason something reminded me today of your birthday and I remember the last time we saw each other, the last time I saw you…and I can’t help myself but brokeĀ into tears. I know we were not close and I never get to… Continue reading A Letter To My Father Who Is Now In Heaven

A Discovery

It is one of those moments when I find myself discovering something new aboutĀ life. Looking back on the way I lived my life, a lot of people would describe my actions as – risky, courageous, some may say stupid, others would say stubborn while others will say brave. People will always have judgments about my… Continue reading A Discovery

When We Hit Rock Bottom

I have watched numerous testimonies of lives being changed by grace and became a new creation in Christ Jesus, most of the stories have one common denominator, which also holds true for my life, we will come to only accept him and know the power of his might at the lowest point of our lives,… Continue reading When We Hit Rock Bottom

How I Came To Believe That God Does Exist

So I find myself writing this post today, on Easter Sunday. It is purely coincidental though that I find the urge to write something about my story of being an atheist at some point of my life. I have always wanted to share this story but never got the time and motivation I guess. I… Continue reading How I Came To Believe That God Does Exist

Father, Hear Me

I find myself questioning, Asking my God where my life is really going. I searched deep within my heart, To find the answers that God must have placed from the start. But I find myself lost and wandering, Even to more questions and more pondering. What is your will for my life? Am I even… Continue reading Father, Hear Me